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The World Deserves More…

Instant Digits is Fully Customizable Solution Holder, which’s designed to accelerate your business using our advanced Business Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT),  Integrated Software Solutions.

Get Better Reach!

Are you an Inventor? or Technographer? You know! every single day avg. 10 millions products being released out there. So a High Probability that your Life changing product may become unknown in the race. How you level Up it? our experts do it for their clients everyday and being pleasured to help you.

One Stop for Business Needs 

Integrated Software Solutions

We provide fully customizable and bug free firmware solution for SME, Government Intuitions, Private and etc. We define a scalable and high-performance architecture and develop the right solution for you.


First ever, We are introducing service cloud access on-demand world wide with high stand and help you to distribute cost.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Data is the fuel of Industrial 5.0. We hold sophisticated Machine learning strategies which help you to grow. Our Power BI consulting services includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Level up your product among hundred of thousand of billion of product searches.   we do that hard work for you. We optimize your on-page factors, look for ways to earn new links for your site, and continuously test the changes we’re making.

Internet of Things(IoT)

The nerve of industrial 5.0 is IoT. We have a separate customer spectrum for our integrated wireless solutions. We build, test, and document state-of-the-art IoT solutions with integrated electronics and firmware development.

Intelligent Process Automation

IPA ‘Anything that can be automated, should be automated’. Reduce your operational cost dramatically with our experts. We can facilitate coordination between humans, robots, and systems to perform your repetitive tasks with utmost ease.

Website Development

Everyone develops websites, but, we reimage your entity to have multiple business opportunities. Our applications help you to manage large volumes of information and operational content within your business

Mobile Apps/ Web Apps

Serve more than decade and deployed 100+ native apps in Android, iOS, Web for our clients. The unique and creative mobile app development solutions will give an instant boost to your business by enhancing customer engagement and productivity

Industrial Revolution

& Technologies

An 180′ degree change happened once the steam engine had invented. Since then, the revelations on industry has been dominating the society changes of man kind. Currently, the gradient of the growth has been boosted ever before by Artificial intelligence and data driven cultures and impossible for any entity to stay alone without launching them in this new age of Ai. We, Instant Digits, have been kept refining ourselves to support you in…

We Make it Easy to Connect Retailers With Customers On Every Platform

You can have hardware, jewelry mall, hotel, restaurant, or multi traders. We make the technology simple and cost effect for you and let you to access anything from anywhere in the world.




  • Analysis the customer behavior! perhaps every sec. 
  • Right Promo at Right Time at Right Place
  • Realtime sales performance 
  • Insights of business data
  • Unavoidably! Social Media Reach

Overall Benefits From Us

Scale-up your business with IPA solutions

We can facilitate coordination between humans, robots, and systems to perform your repetitive tasks with utmost ease and efficiency

Budget & Requirements

We Provide functional and practical web applications to suite your budget and requirement.

Adaptive & Responsive Designs

We design adaptive in nature to ensure they are compatible with multiple devices

Ongoing Optimization and Testing

We optimize your on-page factors, look for ways to earn new links for your site, and continuously test the changes we’re making.

Driving Targeted Traffic to your Website

We will develop a comprehensive SEO that’s unique to your business and work with you to execute driving targeted traffic to your website.

Move ahead of the Competition

We keep up you to move ahead of your competitors to stay competitive within your industry.

Latest Technologies

We utilises the latest technologies in order to deliver the desired results in line with the industry trends.

Keyword Ranking

The keyword ranking for your business could always use improvement, and we know exactly what needs to be done to make that happen.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Asset

INSTANT DIGITS has been one of the most responsive Cloud solution team. They built Operational Management system. They have been very loyal and professional with their services rendered to us. They provide many optional features that are really makes working easy for logistic and site operation needs.
Our products are successfully released in iOS and android, and they are providing an immersive maintenance to keep everything up to the speed.
Kris Sivaguru

Director, Shinol Inc.

Comparatively INSTANT DIGITS service is expertise in automated transition. We received a professional service with personal touch from instantdigits for years and years. They guide us on how to expand in digital transition era. Now we are diving into Business intelligence/Data Driven Business Culture with an incredible support from them. 

We must thank instantdigits for the excellent cooperation. And I highly recommend to those who are looking for a quality, in depth cloud based services.

Ramesh Jegaraj

President, Golden Food & Manufacture Ltd

INSTANT DIGITS is our key strength to our Jewels operation across globe. You built Gold Pos 360 solution which controls Our services, clients, Realtime stocks,  payment, Profit analytics and so many.  You made it awesome and It’s something beyond to our expectation. I would highly recommend them.


Director, Saghana Jewellers, United Kingdom.